Phone (Office): (918) 925-9693
Phone (Mobile): (918) 549-0009
Phone (Fax): (918) 376-3014

Phone (Office): (918) 925-9693
Phone (Mobile): (918) 549-0009
Phone (Fax): (918) 376-3014

Inlet Systems, Exhaust Systems, and Enclosures

Our goal is to partner with you to develop unique solutions for your company’s specific inlet and exhaust systems. We know that reliability is key. IPS will work with you to create individualized recommendations and solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

We can accomplish this through your specifications or site inspections by our experienced team of engineers.

Site Installation Turnkey Solutions

We will bring all the equipment to your facility, seamlessly integrating multiple components from any OEM or third party. Our highly skilled team will install and maintain new equipment for retrofitting and modernizing existing units.

Our priority is to bring your gas turbine to its highest performance possible with the help of the following:

  • Site Installation Technical Advisor
  • Parts and Shop Services
  • Parts and Installation Drawings
  • Inspections
  • On-site Repairs

Additional Services


IPS performs checks of inlet systems, exhaust systems, and enclosures. An inspection report provides a baseline condition and includes recommendations for repairs or upgrades.

Proactively, inspection programs (annually or bi-annually) monitor trends which can help determine remaining product life.