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Phone (Office): (918) 925-9693
Phone (Mobile): (918) 549-0009
Phone (Fax): (918) 376-3014

Providing Full-Service GT Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems are built to provide several functions: noise reduction, withstand thermal stresses, hot gas ventilation, and minimize backpressure and turbine bearing support, to name a few. Over time, these factors wear on a gas turbine exhaust system, causing rusting, cracking,
morphing, and overall deterioration of the structure.

By maintaining or upgrading your current system, its reliability and strength will increase. This can help decrease repair and operational costs, provide a safer environment for employees, and ensure your system meets regulations and requirements of industry agencies.

Advancements in the GT Market

Since its introduction, advances in materials, cooling, and design have allowed gas turbines to operate with higher firing temperatures and greater airflows. These advances have resulted in hotter exhaust temperatures and higher aero loading that affect the strength of exhaust systems during the turbine startup, operation, and shut down. Among these advancements are the following:

Also, more significant numbers of units with high quantities of start/stop cycles are now operating, and they must deal with higher transient thermal stresses and aero loading that can come with turbine uprates or low load operation. This generates greater fatigue and stress that can drive cracking in GT exhaust systems.

Exhaust Frame Assemblies

IPS also has improved design solutions for the exhaust frame which can be implemented for repairs or replacements:

  • Flex Seal Retention Assembly
  • L Seal
  • Horizontal Joint
  • New Airfoil Design
  • Field Refurbishment

Exhaust Diffuser Flex Seals

With the aging 7F fleet, others offer “Band-Aid” fixes that ignore the deficiencies that lead to failures. We have developed a custom methodology to address the need to upgrade the flex seal assembly. This refurbishment fixes the core problem seen in the deterioration of this assembly. The current fleet has several evolutions of OEM design in operation. We can evaluate and offer solution kits to update the customer’s existing one to function more like its upgraded partner in design.

Let IPS Handle Your Exhaust System Needs

We can quickly and expertly determine what areas of your exhaust system need improvement and how these improvements will positively affect your bottom line. Our knowledgeable team is trained to see the vital signs that indicate exhaust system distress and can assess if it needs repair, maintenance, or replacement. We will then create a custom proposal and smoothly navigate the entire installation process, so your system is running at optimal performance.

IPS provides full service to GT exhaust systems including exhaust plenum assemblies (plenum, wing, cowl, expansion joint) and exhaust silencers and stacks.